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Join Gate Trusted Access™

Gate enables secure, unattended home access for service providers, merchants and shippers with audio/video proof of service.

Welcome to secure unattended access

Customers choose "Gate Trusted Access" at check-out or service booking confirmation.

Secure Access Codes

Gate sends a one-time-use access code to authorize unattended access to shippers and service providers.

Proof of Service Video

Your customer views real-time video of the service / delivery event. A video proof of service receipt is sent to both the customer and the service provider.



Merchants now have a seamless, secure, verified access solution for delivering packages to consumers. Stolen package costs are eliminated...and so are spoiled food and icepack charges.

Service Providers

Sharing and hiding keys is archaic! Gate dissolves the friction between homeowners and service providers, while providing secure access and proof of service. Dog-walkers, housecleaners, elderly caregivers rejoice!

Property Managers

Gate gives property managers their lives back! Whether you manage one or one thousand properties — Short-term guests, vacant rental showings, building access management - are now all managed securely and seamlessly via the Gate App.