About Gate

Our Origins

Gate, founded in 2014, solves a modern homeowner's problem: giving trusted and reliable home access to family, friends, and common household services and deliveries while the owner is away. ​

Our Story

Gate founders moved often to work, travel, and live busy lives. They didn't always arrive home on time to let in the dry cleaning and laundry delivery company, the grocery and produce box delivery service, or the housekeeper. Many of their friends also expressed a need to give secure verified access to their dog walker, or nanny, and to have the ability to see their children come home from school. They realized that it is not necessary to stay at home or struggle with multiple key copies to achieve a convenient modern lifestyle. That is when Gate was born.

With advanced academic degrees and experience in engineering and business, Gate founders applied their combined knowledge and experience towards solving this common problem.​

Our Mission

To strengthen communities and establish a bridge of trust and security between home service providers and homeowners in our neighborhoods. We are partnering with companies that share in our vision for a secure connected community.

Our Team

  • Engle Saez

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Jens Voges

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Harvey Ho

    Co-Founder, Head of Hardware Engineering

  • Danial Ehyaie

    Co-Founder, CTO

  • Mai Bui

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Dean Solecki

    Software Design Engineer in Android

  • Uzma Javed

    QA Engineer

  • Nico TeWinkel

    Software Design Engineer in iOS

  • Avinash S.

    Firmware Engineer

  • Dhanya Lakshmi

    Firmware Engineer

  • Breanna Nasholm

    Technical Support Engineer

  • Kurt Ahmann

    Senior Manufacturing Engineer

  • Ricardo Zeballos

    Backend Software Engineer

  • Tim Lukasiewicz

    Senior Site Reliability Engineer

  • Justin Palma

    Technical Lead Engineer

  • Mark Karam

    Chief Business Development and Product Officer

  • Shannon Redmond

    Finance Manager

  • Alex Tittiger

    Senior Mechanical Engineer

Our Partners