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Top Experts Answer the Most Urgent Home Security Questions

Keeping your home safe is often a tedious yet necessary task that most homeowners must deal with if they are to protect themselves from outside intruders. Redfin sought out home security experts to answer the most pressing questions homeowners are searching for,...

This Will Make You Change Your Locks

How could anyone be so excited about a lock?! This was my first thought when a friend told me about GATE. Why would a team of prominent engineers and designers spend two years developing a product that’s been on the market since... antiquity?...

How the World's Most Sophisticated Lock Simplifies Your Life

Genius strikes where you least expect it. Real innovation does not occur often. In retrospect, evolution appears logical: a landline, a mobile, a smartphone, a device... While many ideas fall under the Quixotesque category of “reinventing the wheel,”...

Gate crams a slew of security features into a small smart lock.

There are, of course, lots of smart locks in the world...Gate aims to set itself apart from the ever-growing ranks of connected security devices by cramming as much functionality into the face as humanly possible...

The Gate smart lock is a Swiss Army knife for home security

Say hello to Gate, an Indiegogo-backed product that crams a deadbolt, a doorbell and a security camera into a single smart-home device. Why bother with a bunch of pesky accessories?...

Gate combines nearly every smart home feature in a minimalist deadbolt lock.

...The circular lock has a built-in 720p camera, two-way speaker system and a backlit keypad... Gate’s free iOS and Android app will allow users to livestream video from the front door, remotely unlock or lock and manage custom codes...

At the touch of an app, the Gate smart lock allows you to open your doors

...“For example, as a user I don’t want to always have to wait around at home for packages, a cleaner, or repair person to turn up. I started asking myself how I could make that experience better and what would I need in a device on my front door to solve that problem?”...


...Lock or unlock your front door from anywhere, and create special access codes so family, friends and visitors can come and go with the Gate smart lock. The lock comes with motion activated real-time video streaming, delivery man verification and two-way enabled audio...

Meet Gate: The Haute Lock Changing The World One Door At A Time many home and business owners are jumping at the Gate: one of the most successful 2016 crowdfunding campaigns with 300% goal reach. Gate is the app-enabled new generation device that keeps your home secure and simplifies your life...

Gate is created for a world where 'verified trust' is the currency of the future. technology is letting us spend more time at work or traveling and more people - read: strangers - are going to be coming and going through our front doors to deliver things and provide services...

Gate is the ultimate safety solution. To everything.

...It combines all the latest high-tech security features into one simple lock: motion-sensor, camera, remote access, keypad entry, temporary passwords, two-way audio and much, much more. Take five minutes to install, and you’ll never worry about who’s visiting again...

Gate brings your deadbolt into the 21st century.

Smart technology is infiltrating many factors of our daily lives, from cameras and sensors around the house, to smart alarm clocks that can tell us how we’ve slept. Now it’s time to make our doors smarter... company is looking to take door locks to the next level.

Evolution On Lock: From Stick to Gate

...As with all things high-tech, competition is fierce and most developers are tenaciously innovating their services to foresee consumer demands. The latest addition to the smart lock marketplace is GATE: an all-in-one solution...

Gate Labs Launches The World’s Only Camera Equipped Smart Lock

...The Gate smart lock is unique in that it is the only device on the market with a built-in wide angle camera thatstreams live video and audio of all activity outside the front door, and continues to record anyone entering the home and all activity...


Gate Labs, Inc. Raises $5M Series-B, Appoints New CEO

Gate Labs, the San Francisco, CA based manufacturers of the world’s first, all-in-one, camera equipped smart lock announced today that it has closed a $5m Series-B round of equity financing led by Cota Capital based San Francisco. Company has appointed Engle Saez as its new CEO...


GATE – Innovative Personal Doorman Device Created By Google Glass Founders - Breaks Its Indiegogo Campaign Goal

Gate smart lock features a motion-activated camera, speaker, call button, and keypad in one piece of hardware, enabling you to manage your door through your mobile phone...


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