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Gate Labs Releases Second Generation Operating System for its Video Smart Locks

Gate’s new operating system increases motion responsiveness, faster video capture, improved Wi-Fi performance, and power savings in all Gate video smart locks.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 1, 2019 Gate Labs, Inc., the home security company that manufactures the world’s first all-in-one video smart lock, announced a second generation of its operating system for its flagship smart lock product, Gate. The Gate Smart Lock combines a set of features not found in other devices on the market, such as the live video and audio streaming of events taking place outside and inside the home. This update is designed to make everyday functionality faster and more reliable.

Over the next few weeks, all Gate smart lock units will be automatically updated with the following features:


  • Optimized motion sensitivity settings. Users can now select from three settings (high, medium, and low) on the Gate App to adjust motion sensitivity to best fit their particular door environment. “High” sensitivity detects and captures motion from 30 feet away, “medium” from 15 feet away, and “low” from five feet away. The upgrade also improves detection of head-on activity.

  • Instant video streaming. The latest release reduces the lag between the detection of motion and the initialization of video recording so that live video streaming is delivered to users’ Gate App in under two seconds.

  • Improved Wi-Fi performance. Gate uses Wi-Fi connectivity so that users can reliably manage access to their homes from any location. The latest firmware update extends the Gate Smart Lock’s range by 400 percent, improving transmission between the device and users’ routers. Gate also added “adaptive Wi-Fi” to its smart locks to fix previous issues with weak Wi-Fi signals; devices now adjusts Wi-Fi data rate to optimize video capture regardless of a router’s proximity to users’ doors.

  • Extended battery life. Gate Smart Locks now consume roughly 30% less power when idle.

     “The latest version of our operating system enhances functionality across a broad spectrum of features that enable trusted access to homes and properties,” said Danial Ehyaie, CTO of Gate. “Continually updating our systems to improve security and reliability is a top priority as we continue to make Gate the leading video smart lock for today’s busy homeowners and property managers.”

    Current Gate users can verify their devices are up-to-date by checking the "About This Gate" section of the Gate App (it will say “Firmware Version”).

    Other features that make Gate a superior solution for managing Trusted Access to homes, rental properties and small businesses include the customizable access code logic. This feature allows users to assign one-time-use codes and time-bracketed codes for rental property guests, service providers, and package delivery personnel. For property managers of multi-family rental units, Gate offers a web-based enterprise dashboard for convenient, all-at-once view and management of entire properties.

    Gate’s customer support team is available seven days a week for any questions at For general information or to purchase Gate, visit


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    About Gate

    Gate is the innovator and manufacturer of the world’s first all-in-one video smart lock, which is  revolutionizing the way people manage unattended access to their homes and short-term and multifamily rental properties. Gate’s smart lock is Wi-Fi-enabled and streams live audio and video (triggered by motion sensors) directly to users’ smartphone. Homeowners can communicate with guests via two-way audio, and control who comes and goes with electronic keys (and physical keys, too), all remotely from their mobile device. Gate is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery.   

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