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Firmware Version Released

Gate Labs released the wireless firmware update to improve your Gate Smart Lock functionality. With the most recent version of our software, coming in the next few weeks, your Gate device will now have:

1) Increased Responsiveness to Motion

We have increased the sensitivity of our motion sensor to capture more video footage on your device. As before, you can select from three settings on the Gate App to adjust motion sensitivity to your particular environment: High sensitivity detects and captures motion from 30 feet away and is much better at detecting head-on activity Medium sensitivity detects and captures motion from 15 feet away Low sensitivity detects and captures motion from 5 feet away 

To adjust your motion setting go to:

Settings tab in the Gate App > Gate Settings > Select your desired sensitivity level.

2) Faster, More Reliable Video Capture

Our latest release reduces the lag between the detection of motion, the initial video capture and the live video streaming on your under 2 seconds! In addition to faster live video streaming, your recordings will become more reliable.

3) Improved WiFi Performance

Our latest update increases the WiFi transmission on your Gate Smart Lock by 4x to extend your device’s range. Additionally, we’ve added adaptive WiFi to our smart locks, which means even if your WiFi signal is weak, your device will resend the same data at a lower rate so you can capture as much video footage as possible. If your router is located far from your door, our latest update may improve signal connectivity between your router and your Gate Smart Lock, enhancing overall functionality.

4) Power Savings

Your device will now consume about 30% less power when idle. Remember, battery life is directly impacted by the amount of activity at your door. If your door faces a high traffic area and you are getting too many motion alerts and video streams, you can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector on your Gate App. For maximum battery life between charges, you can turn OFF the motion sensor and you will only get notifications and video recorded when one of the keypad buttons is pressed.


That’s It...You Don’t Have to do Anything to Get Started

This firmware update will be automatically installed on your Gate Smart Lock in the next few weeks. To verify your device is up-to-date, check the "About this Gate" section of your app and look for Firmware Version

We are always here to help you protect your family and your home! Please contact us at if you have any questions, we are available 7 days/week.